How to Sync iTunes to Kindle Fire

Have tons of songs in your iTunes library and want to copy your whole iTunes library or just some of your favorites to your brand new Kindle Fire? There are third-party Android apps which, if they are available for the Fire, can allow you to sync non-DRM tracks from iTunes to the Fire.

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However, chances are you can’t transfer your whole iTunes library to your Kindle. You can probably load some video mp4s on it but you’re not going to get many on the 8 GB storage – also assuming it’s more like 6 GB after system files. Other than that, since iTunes is for iOS device, you can’t upload music with DRM from iTunes to the Amazon Cloud.

Don’t panic yet, there are still ways to let you enjoy your iTunes content on your Kindle Fire, both files with or without DRM. Here is how.

DRM Free iTunes Songs to Kindle Fire

The solution is to use Amazon’s cloud services – upload iTunes files like other files to Amazon cloud. Sign in and launch Cloud Player with your Amazon account  (If you don’t have an Amazon account, click the New Customer Start Here link at the top of the page to sign up for an account. A credit card is required.)  If you don’t have a copy of Amazon’s MP3 Uploader, a window will appear prompting you to download it. The MP3 Uploader will churn through your iTunes library and eventually detail the number of songs and playlists it found that aren’t on your Cloud Drive.  Now, you can start uploading iTunes songs to Amazon cloud.

DRM protected iTunes music to Kindle Fire

If you have songs bought in the iTunes DRM protected era, you need to remove DRM first otherwise you can’t upload them to Amazon cloud.

The first workaround is to burn iTunes music to CD and then copy them back to your computer.  You can burn your iTunes Store music to a CD, and then import the songs into your iTunes library, thereby creating FairPlay-free files.

The other method involves using a third party iTunes music DRM remover, and there are limited workable options out there. freeme2 and  Automate unDRM are two free program to use.


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