How to Install QuickTime Player 7 on Mountain Lion

QuickTime Player 7 supports older media formats, such as QTVR, interactive QuickTime movies, and MIDI files on Snow Leopard and OS X Mountain Lion. It also accepts QuickTime 7 Pro registration codes, which turn on QuickTime Pro functions. Some users downloaded QuickTime 7 from and it just won’t work.

The problem is that you’ve downloaded the wrong version of QuickTime 7. What you’ve undoubtedly downloaded is the latest version of  QuickTime. Although the version number is higher, this is actually the version intended for Leopard. Here is how and where to download QuickTime Player 7 on Mountain Lion.

To install QuickTime Player 7 on OS X Mountain  Lion

  1. Download QuickTime Player 7 from here.
  2. Double-click “QuickTimePlayer7.6.6_SnowLeopard”.
  3. QuickTime Player 7 will be installed in your Utilities folder.

Once installed you’ll have to enter the registration code you paid 30 bucks for lo these many years ago. If you can’t find your code, don’t fret. You can get it back.

The key should still be available from your online Apple store account page.

  1. Go to
  2. Click the account button in the top right corner of the browser window. Log in if required.
  3. Click on Downloadable software purchases link.
  4. All of the software downloads purchased through the online Apple store should be there.


Any interests in convert videos to Mountain Lion capable with version, please see Video Converter for Mac or Rip DVD to Mountain Lion Mac.


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4 thoughts on “How to Install QuickTime Player 7 on Mountain Lion

  1. Cannot get my itunes to play movies. It was working perfectly before I downloaded the new mountain lion software. After downloading this version of itunes still no change.
    I can here the movies and they are playing but no picture.
    What’s up here! I am no IT specialist and need things that are extremely userfriendly.

  2. I upgrated from Lion to Mountain Lion and now I cannot play QuickTime videos in the embedded files for my school. I am taking classes and these are required lessons so I need this to work. I tried the fix I read elsewhere to download and install but that didn’t change anything. Any help would be much appreciated.

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